4 Week Online Program

4 Week Online Program Package

Lets start simple.  In my 4 week healthier and happier program we focus on building the core and learning the fundamentals of the RIGHT information.

By building the foundation and learning the basics, we can then implement the simple and easy to control measures in our lives.

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In the basic program, these are the points that we will focus on:

  • How to set a training program
  • How to self-motivate
  • How to track your progress
  • Learn the fundamental movements
  • Learn how to properly warm up
  • Learn how to properly cool down
  • Learn to spot potential injuries
  • Learn the basics of ME Nutrition
  • Learn to HAVE FUN
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Lets Do It Basic Program It's For You!

The challenge in life isn’t trying to make all the money and gain the fame that WE all think is important.  My vision is that we all focus on being healthier and happier.  By being in a better place we put off a positive energy that can be received by more people.  Our basic program teaches you how to go from where you are and to take that simple first step toward being healthier and happier you!



Your goals and messages are important to me. Tell me what you are trying to achieve and I'll quickly put the program together for you.




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