12 Week Online Program

8 Week Online Program

After you have mastered the Basics, you are ready for the next step.  In my 12 week healthier and happier program we focus on moving a bit faster, farther and with more intensity.

This is where the fun really begins.  It is my goal during this phase to introduce to you the LIFE concept.  This is where you incorporate healthy activities into your day to day life.

Extended Info

In the 12 week program, these are the points that we will focus on:

  • How to set a training program
  • How to be a full spectrum trainee
  • How to utilize functional fitness techniques
  • How to utilize supplements
  • How to train for sports specific activities
  • Learn how to motivate others
  • Learn how to get faster
  • Learn how to implement a healthy lifestyle
  • Learn to HAVE FUN
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Yes You Can GROW In Life!

The 12 week program is where the fun truly starts.  Why? Now that you have pushed all of the soreness and set the basics of being healthier and happier, it all starts to make sense.  Whey you start this program, be ready to walk a bit taller and have people asking you “what are you doing that you look so darn happy!”



Your goals and messages are important to me. Tell me what you are trying to achieve and I'll quickly put the program together for you.




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